Multi-property CCTV clients? Give them a better system! 

1000x faster, easier & more profitable

A single platform lets you...


  • View all properties remotely & find incidents in seconds

  • Share incident footage with a click 

  • Get alerts about faulty cameras & hacking threats

  • Control who sees which footage 

  • Track staff CCTV access/GDPR compliant

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So how does it work?

Accent Group, who manages 34,000 properties, uses Xanview to reduce costs & fight crime

What our clients say:

You see everything, & manage all cctv from anywhere on your computer, phone or tablet. Xanview makes it easy. 

  • Immediate access to all properties from a single point

  • Visual summary of events shows what happened

  • Find and share incidents with police in seconds

  • Control which property each system user can see

  • No software to download, easy browser/tablet/phone access

Accent management talks about Xanview's benefits for housing. 

Xanview is an exciting, British technology company revolutionising the video surveillance and physical security space. Client needs and problem solving for our clients is the core ethos for our company and products. We listen and we deliver.


Xanview was originally created 10 year ago as a bespoke security solution for financial institutions and ultra high net worth individuals. Today, it is enjoyed by luxury retailers, housing associations, hotel chains, police, restaurant, residential clients and many others. Since then, Xanview has been backed by leading venture capital companies to help us grow our vision and bring it to a global scale. 











Technology is our core.