Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud CCTV technology reduces costs, improves efficiency and makes CCTV much more reliable. 

All the benefits of a traditional NVR, cloud cameras & VMS in one system. Further, there is:

  • No mandatory monthly fee

  • Instant, easy remote access to all sites

  • No rewinding/fast forwarding footage

  • Instant sharing of events

  • Offline access 

Additional benefits

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Why Xanview's hybrid cloud CCTV?

Xanview is more cost effective, flexible & gives you much more functionality. Xanview's subscriptions are not mandatory, but if you do want them, you get to choose the ones that suit your needs & budget. Our analytics help you monitor your facilities faster, while our tunnelling capabilities help troubleshoot devices remotely. Further, Xanview is more bandwidth efficient, which means that it won’t impact your internet connection. Try Xanview today!

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