Night Vision Camera

Need to see what happens at night?

A lot of people are unsure about the benefits of day/night cameras when it comes to choosing a CCTV system.

Infra Red Night Vision cameras provide an ability for your CCTV system to record video at low light conditions. Day/Night CCTV cameras automatically change from colour images to night vision when the lighting condition drop below a certain pre-defined level. This is achieved by a small motor that physically moves an infrared filter in front of the camera lens during the day, and moves it out of the way at night.

For an infrared IP camera to work, it will also require an infrared lighting source. Some cameras come with infrared built in, others require an external compatible infrared light. Budget cameras may offer just 1m of infrared lighting so such a camera will not be the right choice to secure a large outdoor area such as a car park at night.

We always recommend researching all options before making a final decision, or contacting a qualified CCTV installer for help.

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