Fly Tipping: Xanview & VisionOn Have The Solution

Want an easy way to deal with fly tipping?

A car drives up, dumps a load of trash which could include a couple of trash bags, boxes or even large items such as sofas and refrigerators. The council is then left to clean up the heap at its own expense. The expenses pile up to some staggering figures. Fly-tipping clean-up costs £50m as cases in England rise for third year in a row.

The issue with fly-tipping is that it's can happen anywhere and it is hard to track the perpetrators. Reports from local resident and video surveillance help. However, fly tippers are often careful to tip when and where no one is around. Most video surveillance systems that are on the market don't offer adequate solutions.

With most systems, an engineer has to go on site to extract the footage. Often, its is discovered that the system wasn't working and no one knew. If the engineer does get the footage, he has to rewind/fast forward through weeks of it find the incident. Far too often the incident was already overwritten because it was either reported too late or the engineer wasn't available to visit the site in time.

Thus, the problem continues and cuts into local council's already constrained costs.

Xanview offers a solution. Our easily deployable systems offer instant remote access to sites. It can be installed in a matter of minutes either on a permanent basis, or moved around multiple sites. There is no messy software to install. You can see all of your locations from a single log in, side by side. Xanview shows you a visual summary of everything that has been happening so reviewing weeks of footage or finding a specific incident takes seconds.

Our partners at VisionOn have created a Xanview powered ASB Fly tipping system with deployable 3G cameras. It is already being used by the Police, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Government agencies. Please contact Vision On 0118 927 2137 for more details.

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