5 Reasons Why You Need CCTV With Your Alarm System

How many false alarms have you had? Like most, probably more than you'd like. Also, like most, you probably want an easy, visual way to verify the alarm and then, a simple way to share the evidence with relevant parties. In this article, we explore the key reasons for why a CCTV system is the perfect companion to your security alarm system.

1. Evidence: To record evidence in case a theft or any crime does occur, the recordings of a CCTV camera can be utilized by the police to analyze the incident and produce the footage as an evidence against the criminals, in the court of law. Modern-day monitoring systems can record audio as well (with certain legal requirements needing to be met in order for the audio recording to be permitted).

2. Monitor suspicious activities & staying aware: You can collect information and monitor suspicious activities, such as theft of valuables by employees and mistrustful movements of miscreants. You can also become aware of things that you wouldn't have known to look for before.

3. Safety: The presence of CCTV cameras can help ensure safety by virtue of monitoring on going activity and addressing unsafe practices such as leaving doors open, equipment negligence and many others.

4. Deters thieves and robbers: The presence of surveillance cameras and a warning board, stating that the area is under surveillance, can act as a strong deterrent to criminals and thieves. In commercial establishments, if there are trained personnel who continuously monitor these footages, it is also possible to track suspicious activities and the possibility of shoplifting by petty thieves, and prevent untoward incidents, before they actually occur. In a residential setting, the presence of cameras could be enough to deter burglars.

5. Maintain adequate records: If you want to review something that happened a week or a fortnight ago, you can watch them at your convenience and make informed decisions.

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