How Housing Associations Reduce Costs While Making Their CCTV More Effective & Secure

Background: Housing associations and other entities with multiple locations use CCTV to reduce antisocial behaviour (ASB) such as theft, vandalism, fly tipping and other criminal acts. They also use CCTV to manage property conditions and monitor on-site activity.

However, traditional CCTV systems have many pain points that do little to achieve these objectives and add considerable operational costs. Pain Points: Housing associations have many properties scattered across vast geographical areas. CCTV systems are from different manufacturers, have varying features, image quality and working order.

An engineer must go on site to get incident footage. Then, it takes hours of fast forwarding and rewinding to find an incident. Sometimes, the footage is there; but, too often, it is not. Because no one reviews CCTV footage unless there is an incident, broken cameras and/or broken NVRs/DVRs go undetected until it’s too late. Further, it often takes a while to get someone on site, and the footage simply gets overwritten.

If a property manager wants to check the conditions of a property remotely or see if rubbish has been collected (for example), traditional CCTV makes it challenging. Remote access for CCTV systems often proves problematic. Each location needs a separate login, and things like router updates mean that access is compromised.

CCTV system abuse and hacking compound the problem. Hacking and system abuse, where either hackers accessed confidential information via CCTV systems for criminal purposes or unauthorised users accessed CCTV systems. The Solution: Housing associations such as Accent, Suffolk Housing and Greenfields have turned to Xanview to help them reduce ASB, monitor properties and improve security. They have reduced operational costs, expedited incident response time and reduced crime. In this video, Accent Housing management talks about how Xanview has helped them. Solution Details:

Xanview easily integrated with existing and new cameras, including analogue, IP and analytics cameras with ANPR capabilities. It shows all of the locations on a single screen, with a single login via a website or app. Xanview uses analytics to show a visual summary of everything that has happened and makes reviewing days or even weeks of footage take very little time. Smart search functionality helps find specific incidents in seconds.

A click instantly shares an incident via email with relevant parties – they won't need any special software or downloads to view the footage. Another click ensures it doesn’t get overwritten. A simple toggle “un-shares” the event when sharing it is no longer required.

To address unauthorised access and system abuse, Xanview records every activity within the system. It sends alerts regarding suspicious activity such as an unknown device connecting to the network, unusual user log-ins and many more.

Xanview also monitors system performance and sends alerts when cameras aren’t recording properly or when a system goes offline. A technician can troubleshoot devices remotely. Xanview is reliable, affordable, more secure and takes away a lot of the complexity and operational costs that are usually associated with the traditional video surveillance systems used by housing associations. Click here to discover more about how Xanview Video Surveillance for Housing Associations works.

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